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Virus is merciless but we are affectionate! Lutian donated 1 million yuan to the first-line epidemic prevention work!

2020 is a special year

The sudden breakout of coronavirus pneumonia broke our peaceful life

Everyone in the country is concerned about the epidemic

Fighting the epidemic is the responsibility of every citizen

Lutian Machinery has always taken "taking/shouldering social responsibility and being a qualified corporate citizen" as its responsibility.

Lutian Machinery donated 1 million RMB to Pengjie branch of Luqiao, Taizhou Charity Association for fighting against coronavirus.


Transfer check of Lutian donation


Unite to fight the epidemic


 Pay homage to the front line anti epidemic soldiers

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the epidemic prevention staff and caring people in Pengjie town have been working hard on the front line of anti epidemic to build a safe defense line for us.

Lutian will continue to give full support to the epidemic prevention work. We believe that we will eventually win the war without gunpowder.